"How will you know if the future’s changed?"


Elektra sighed. “I didn’t really get a chance, as I was recovering in the middle of the woods — in the middle of nowhere.” She spoke quietly, combing her fingers through her hair. “As far as I knew I was doing my job, and then it goes black. As to who it was, or what was happening, it’s all coming back slowly. However, my gut feeling tells me I’m not going to like the answer when I find it. Meditation is just about the only thing that’s helped me.”


   ”You’re okay now? Other then the whole not knowing part, right?” John sighed. “I really don’t like coming home and hearing something like that happened.” He went through the list of people that could have had any part in it. “Why do you think you’re not going to like the answer?”

        That moment when someone you use to talk ooc to everyday and are currently in a thread with unfollow you and you don’t know if it was a mistake or not. 

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Pyro doesn’t actually like Vegemite, but he does like feeding it to unsuspecting Americans. He especially enjoys encouraging them to eat it by the spoonful.

Pyro doesn’t actually like Vegemite, but he does like feeding it to unsuspecting Americans. He especially enjoys encouraging them to eat it by the spoonful.

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do you ever have a notp that you antiship so hard that you actually get nauseous when people mention it



"I… died." She kept her words short, still unsure herself as her memory of the exact moments were in pieces. "I think I was fighting, as usual. That’s about it; I’m still working on the specifics."


   ”W-what?” John paused running his hands through his hair, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He leaves for a brief moment and this happens “You died fighting and are just now telling me?” Looking back towards Elektra he still couldn’t wrap his head around it. “You have no idea what happen tho?”

Random Sentences (Angsty ones)


"How do you really feel about me?"

"Can’t you pretend to love me this once?"

"Would you care if I was gone?"

"Don’t you know the hell I go through to keep you safe?"

"I can’t take this any longer. Help me."

"Deep down, you’re scared. Aren’t you?"

"You’ll stay alone if you push others away."

"How many lives have you taken with your own hands?"

"Just for today. Please."

"You’re the only one who’s never called me that…"

"We can make it work! Let’s run away together, you and me!"

"I… have loved you this whole time."

"Treat me as you see fit. I’ll still protect you. It’s my role after all."

"Maybe it’s too much for me to expect kindness."

"You give me meaning, even if you take it away."

"Please… hold me. Don’t say anything, just… hold me."


"That’s good to hear at least. Well, I haven’t actually been absent, per se. I’ve actually.. been incapacitated.”


    “What do you mean incapacitated? What happened?”


  Okay, since this has been brought up more then once I’ll just make a post on it. If/when I go missing you can more then likely find me here or you can always ask for my skype or kik. I’ll be more then happy to give it to you because I do miss you guys when I’m gone. I left for reasons and those reasons are still very fresh in my mind so it’s hard to let go. Talking to you guys might help too, it’s worth a try right? Don’t be scared to message me one of my other accounts saying I owe you a reply here, that would work more then sitting back and waiting for me, because you might be waiting awhile.

Don’t be sacred to ask for my kik, skype or any other accounts either.

Got it? Good.

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